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Sholari Magazine v2n1

Thoneport Cover

Volume 2, Number 1 of the original Skyrealms of Jorune Fanzine. Order as PDF or Print through DriveThruRPG.

Gomo Guide: Thoneport

Thoneport CoverA guide for travellers entering the only city in the whole of Thantier where non-humans can walk the streets. Mostly without fear. The cultures, the history, and more. Order as PDF or Print through DriveThruRPG.

Segment: Sho-Caudal

ßSSC #12 Cover

Issue 12 - (April 2019) - The Blood of Earth
Why did humans come to Jorune? Why would they leave Earth?
What were they running to - or running from?

Subscriptions are no longer available. Full order information.

For more than twenty years, Dhar-Copra Joe has been gathering and generating material for the world we know as Jorune. His biggest change is to call the world as it called by the native - Sho-Caudal.

Jorune is the name of the Earth scientist who first detected the world around star H-21 about 140 years in our future. (It was said to be 160 years in our future, but that was twenty years ago.)

Sho-Caudal does not just mean "Isho Wind" but the whole energy system that includes Isho, the seven moons, and all the beings that live within that complex dance of power.

That's what this newsletter covers.

The commitment was to produce 12 issues with 16 pages per month.

A couple of people had their subscriptions extended after buying one sample issue and subscribing to twelve. Two people were extended one more issue because of problems getting their subscriptions going. This means Issue #13 is being written and two people are in line for #14. (Those issues will also be made available.) With the releases of issue 12, the commitment has been fulfilled for original subscribers, and two more issues will be released. Schedule is kind of hazy.

There are two samplers from the early issues. Download them to see if this is your cup of tea.

Sampler 1 - Timeline   |||   Sampler 2 - Mapping Jorune
Issues 1-12: Full Descriptions and Order Information

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