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Sholari v2n1

Sholari v2n1 front cover
              CoverThe return of  the classic SHOLARI MAGAZINE. Volume Two, Issue One is all about the ruins of an ancient invasion, long before the arrival of Colonists, the name that cannot be spoken, and a 4,500 year old curse - that works! SCARS OF FAR TEMAUNTRO, and THE SOMAR, Plus TEN QUESTIONS: WHY JORUNE?, A WORLD OF ONE'S OWN, and more.

Order as PDF  through DriveThruRPG. Print is coming.

Gomo Guide: Thoneport

Thoneport CoverA guide for travellers entering the only city in the whole of Thantier where non-humans can walk the streets. Mostly without fear. The cultures, the history, and more.

Order as PDF or Print through DriveThruRPG.

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Segment: Sho-Caudal

Sho-Caudal 01
For more than twenty years, Dhar-Copra Joe has been gathering and generating material for the world we know as Jorune. His biggest change is to call the world as it called by the native - Sho-Caudal.

Jorune is the name of the Earth scientist who first detected the world around star H-21 about 140 years in our future. (It was said to be 160 years in our future, but that was twenty years ago.)

Sho-Caudal does not just mean "Isho Wind" but the whole energy system that includes Isho, the seven moons, and all the beings that live within that complex dance of power.

That's what this newsletter covers. 

Issue 3 - (October 2017) - The Myth of Fiction - Major and Minor Canon - Invitation to Heresy
Issue 2 - (September 2017) - Thriddle Debt - Horror or Conversion - What the Hell is ORFA?
Issue 1- (August 2017) - Timelines, From the First Dysha to the Age of Harpers 

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